We MUSTACHE You a Question………

This year we tried to do things a little differently.  I know, change is a scary thing.  But really, is it that bad?

We are inviting your feedback about the town parade and the Honeybee Street Fair.  Pop by the Chamber office, or fire off an email to  tisdalechamber@sasktel.net  and let us know your thoughts on:

  •  Holding the Town Parade on a Thursday evening
  • Running the Honeybee Street Fair on a Friday afternoon (change the time of day/day of week/time of year?)
  • Holding these events the same weekend as the Rockin’ the Square   Concert
  • The “two headliner” format of the Rockin’ the Square Concert

Your input is most welcome, and your constructive comments and criticisms would be appreciated.  Your thoughts will be kept in mind when the planning of these events comes up for 2014.  Please submit your suggestions and comments in writing with your name and contact information to the Chamber office via email  at  tisdalechamber@sasktel.net or by fax at (306)873-4241

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